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l of health services for women has been raised continuously, the report said.During the period of 2011-2▓015, nearly 50 million pregnant women in rural areas re▓ceived hospital delivery subsidies, and the rate of


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women in the countryside giving birth in hospitals increased from 97.8 percent in 2010 to 99.5 percent in 2015.The maternal mortality rate lowered from 30 out of 100,000 in 2010 to 20.1 in▓ every 100,000


in 2015. By the end of 2015, 51.95 million and 7.47 million rural women had free te▓sts for cervical cancer and breast cancer, respectively, the document read.The state legislated to protect women from domestic violence. On December 27, 2015, the NPC Standing Committee▓ adopted the Anti-domestic Vio

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rs, respectively.Women enjoy

lence Law, in which ▓systems, such as police cautions, writ of habeas corpus and mandatory reporting, were spec

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ially set up.Children's right to health▓ is effectively guaranteed, the report said. The mortality▓ rate of infants reduce

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employment. In 2014, female

d from 13.1 per thousand in 2010 to 8.1 per thousand in 2015. And the mortality rate of children und▓er the age

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